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Version 2.6 released!

This has been a major update that includes much tighter integration to Microsoft RMS and we have added the following features:

  • Receipts / Quotes / Work Orders can now be printed a local printer, not just emailed.
  • Item’s stock on hand can now be shown on the Item List or when searching for an item.
  • A Return button has been added to simplify product returns.
  • We changed option for selecting which items to sync to the RMS iPOS (if you want to limit the items that can be selected in RMS iPOS) from “Accept food stamps for this item” to “Item is available on the website” (default is all items are selectable).
  • Customer Price Levels and Discounts now automatically applied.
  • Support has been added for Weighted Items.
  • Item serial numbers can now be created in RMS iPOS when making a sale (not just selected).
  • Additional security and Microsoft RMS synchronization setting have been added.

RMS iPOS adds support for Socket Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

May 2015

The latest update to the RMS iPOS application provides integration to the Socket Mobile range of Bluetooth Barcode scanners.

For customer that require a simple and fast barcode scanning option, the range of Socket’s bluetooth barcode scanners is ideal.  Socket Mobile provides a range of scanners ( http://www.socketmobile.com/products ) that are reliable and offer long battery life.

Of course, for customers that do not need rapid barcode scanning, the in-built camera can still be used to scan a barcode.


RMS iPOS International Launch

April 2015

RMS iPOS launched internationally to the Microsoft Dynamics RMS community at Retail Realm’s technology conference in Las Vegas April 2015.

RMS iPOS version 2 released

December 2014

RMS iPOS version 2 released extending the application to allow completed RMS Sales transactions.

Transactions can be tendered using the RMS Tenders (as created in the RMS Store database).

Integration to PayPal mobile has also been added, allowing a Retailer to receive payments to their PayPal Merchant account from the customer’s PayPal account or via a Credit Card Payment.